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Every Home Tells A Story: Tips For Plotting The Course Of Your Home's Interior Design Style

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Every home should tell a story about the people who live there. For instance, when a guest visits your home they should be able to tell a little bit about you just by the colors, furniture, and textures used in your interior design. If your home does not reflect your values, following a few tips can help you create your home's own story to allow your personality to shape your home.

Each room should have a main character

An anchor piece adds intrigue to a room. It can be an object that holds special meaning to you, such as an old quilt used as a wall hanging or an antique bench or vase you found at a thrift store and fell in love with. It could be something as simple as a wall collage consisting of your child's best artwork.

Having an anchor piece in each room helps define the room and highlight the things that have purpose and meaning in your life. Once you have an anchor piece it makes it easy to choose accent pieces, drapes, furniture, and paint colors to complement the room.

Create drama with paint

If you want a specific item to stand out in a room, painting it in a contrasting color will draw attention to it. You may have recessed bookcases that are the same color as the wall. Painting those bookcases in a dark color, such as a chalky black or rich navy blue will make them stand out in a room with beige or gray walls. You can also create drama by breaking tradition and painting window and doorway trim in a color other than the traditional white.

Punctuate your room

Every room should have a good ending. In interior design, adding the right finishing touches creates a happy ending. It can be helpful to take a snapshot of the room to get the big picture and see what is missing.

Does the room need just a touch of color to liven it up? Does it appear cold and need texture to warm it up? Does it appear too dark and need additional lighting, such as an interesting pendulum light to punctuate the space?

Just like a great book, your home should tell a story about the people who live there. From the entryway to the bedroom, each room is like a chapter in a book that makes up a complete novel. If your home fails to tell the story of the people who live in it, it is never too late to rewrite your home's story using interior design tips to add interest and intrigue to your home.

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