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6 Custom Home Design Trends To Follow

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Folks creating custom homes often have trouble devising ideas for their projects. A simple solution is to study trends and see how they influence you. If you're going to follow custom home design trends, here are 6 to consider.

Open Floor Plans

The opening of interior spaces has been a longstanding trend. However, people are getting much more radical. Islands are replacing walls between kitchens and dining rooms. It's not uncommon to see entire floors open. Walls are simply out of style, especially in shared living spaces.

Shelves Instead of Cabinets

Why do storage spaces need doors? That question goes double in spaces like kitchens and bathrooms where people regularly access the same items over and over. Many designers are forgoing cabinets altogether in favor of shelves. You get a better view of what you're searching for, and it allows a space to feel more lived-in.

Home Offices

The work-from-home movement has reached the point many businesses are rethinking their office space requirements. Ultimately, this amounts to a transfer of office space to the employee's domain. If you're moving into the work-from-home model, you're probably going to want to have a dedicated space. That's especially the case if you have kids and a house with an open floor plan because this is an area where walls and privacy are in vogue.

Visible Carpentry

Beams, milling, panels, and other construction elements have long been shunned in custom home design plans. They're having their moment now, though. Exposing these elements adds architectural interest to a house. It also creates a greater sense of openness, and it can distinguish your place from homes that are covered in ceiling tiles and drywall.

Bathroom Suites

Especially as fewer people occupy more space in a typical house, the amenities become desirable. Why settle for a functional bathroom if you can go all-in with a suite? Large tubs, basic-style sinks, and multiple vanities are all excellent options. Throw in mood lighting and an open design to create a space you'll enjoy as much as you use it.

Outdoor Rooms

When discussing custom home design, it's easy to think of rooms as closed-in spaces. However, you can create an outdoor kitchen, a patio, a deck, or a similar space to enjoy the fresh air.

Some people are also installing garage door-style walls. These allow them to open up rooms on nice days and close up when the weather isn't favorable. Ultimately, the trend is toward blurring the line between indoor and outdoor living.

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