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4 Tips For Successfully Decorating Your Hallways

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Hallways are a necessary part of most homes, but they aren't usually the most attractive elements. But you can turn an ordinary and functional hallway into one of your favorite spaces with a little creative thinking. How? Here are a few ideas to try.

Be Experimental. The small area of a hallway makes decorating a challenge for most people. But it can also work to your advantage when you want to experiment with using color on your walls or trying new patterns. Are you hesitant to add accent walls, use a bolder shade, or design with stripes? Have fun with it in the hallway instead. Try out perspective techniques, play with lighting, and learn to use patterns. As you figure out how to use decor elements to your advantage, spread that knowledge to other areas.

Have Fun. Include a few fun elements in the hallway design that will make it more fun to use. Such little surprises give the space its own personality. They might include a stenciled design on a wall or a set of footprints painted on the hard floor. Add an eclectic piece of artwork on the wall at the end of a hall or use a vintage wallpaper to create a tiny accent wall. 

Decorate to Scale. Don't overcrowd a small or narrow hallway, or it will feel claustrophobic and dark. Conversely, avoid leaving a large, empty space in a big hallway that makes it feel cold and impersonal. If you have a lot of space, add a nook or two by placing a small chair and table for reading or organizing things. If you have little room, such as in a townhouse, focus on using the walls as decor and keeping things off the floor. 

Focus on Experience. What feeling do you want your home to give to visitors and family? Do you want it to be cozy and warm? Modern and forward? Artistic? Creative? Decorating a functional space like a corridor is less about the individual pieces and more about how they contribute to the overall feeling. Family photos will add up to a cozier feeling, for instance, while hand-painted murals on the walls give an artsy feeling. Make being the corridor an emotional experience to achieve the house vibe you want. 

Clearly, decorating a corridor can be more fun than you expect. By being a little bold and working to achieve a specific mood, you can turn even a small space into a happy place to walk through. For information and house and townhouse interior design services, get in touch with an interior designer.