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4 Ideas For Window Treatment Alternatives To Standard Curtains And Shades

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If you're feeling like your abode is looking a little ho-hum, consider changing your window treatments. Most rooms in your home likely have at least one window and altering their looks can help tie your home together or add a unique flavor to each individual room. Window treatments don't have to mean boring curtains or solid color shades, though, and altering the standard expectation for window dressings can really up the "wow" factor in your home.

Decorate the Glass

Whether you decide to keep standard curtain panels up in rooms where you need to block light or have complete privacy or remove them completely, adding a decorative flair to the actual glass of your window is easy to do and can make a big statement. If you'd like a frosted glass look, you can spray your window with a product made to do just that, cover it with transparent contact paper or even etch your own patterns.

If you don't fancy yourself an artist, purchase an adhesive window film that mimics stained glass or another pattern of your choosing that's easy to put up and take down when you want to change your style.

Add a Pop of Color

For windows in rooms where you want a lot of light and don't necessarily need complete privacy, like kitchens, consider simply painting your window frame with a bold pop of color to give it a fresh, upbeat look. You can even make it textured with a streaky look to resemble wood grain or a bubbly style by using a large sponge to blot the paint on.

Make Your Window an Art Project

If you can't live without the full light-blocking and insulating qualities a sturdy shade brings, turn it into a work of art that adds to your decor when it's drawn. There's no need to be skilled with paint or other drawing tools. Choose a vintage-looking map or a poster you love to attach to the front of the shade for an inexpensive way to add a touch of your personality to an otherwise boring window treatment.

Upcycle Old Fabrics

Nearly any type of fabric can be turned into a window treatment if you get a little creative. Consider burlap or flour sacks as curtains for a charming rustic kitchen. Dye lace doilies in various shapes and sizes to string up in front of windows in your craft room or sitting room. Repurpose a fringed placemat as a valance in your dining area or hang a funky, printed shower curtain in a child's bedroom or playroom.

If you need help deciding on the best look for your home or want a fresh perspective, consider meeting with an interior designer who will take your home's layout and your personal style into consideration to help you craft a window treatment plan you'll love. For more information, contact companies like Marc Tash Interiors.