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Five Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

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When renovating a kitchen, many people opt to save money by only replacing their kitchen cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and hardware. This is common if the layout of the cabinetry won't be changing and if the old cabinets are still in good shape, but the style is just outdated. The doors and hardware you pick will determine what kind of style you end up with. Here is what you need to know about the different types of kitchen cabinet doors available.

Recessed Panel Cabinet Doors

These cabinet doors basically have a raised frame around the perimeter of each door. The inset may be solid wood that matches the rest of the door, or the inset may be decorative stained glass, frosted or etched glass that is plain or has an image or pattern. For rustic kitchens, a metal mesh or old-fashioned tin punch panel design will add to the country kitchen feel. Beadboard is another popular inset material.

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

This is a cabinet door style best suited to a traditional home. The center of the door has another panel added, giving it visual depth. The center panel is frequently arched at the top in either a classic arch or a Gothic-style curve.

Flat Panel Cabinet Doors

A modern kitchen looks best with flat panel cabinet doors. They are sleek and uncomplicated, and while they may be simply stained wood, the most popular modern cabinet doors can be painted with a brightly colored glossy epoxy. Polished stainless steel cabinet doors are another popular and stylish option. Some styles have grooves on the underside of the door and drawer panel, allowing for the surface to remain unmarred by hardware, while other styles look best with simple, streamlined handles and pulls.

Full Overlay Cabinet Doors And Drawers

With full overlay kitchen cabinets, the edges of each door and drawer meet, creating a practically seamless look. This means the cabinetry facing of the actual wall and base cabinets are barely seen. This style is most common in modern décor and goes well if the rest of your home is decorated in mid-century modern.

Partial Overlay Cabinet Doors And Drawers

Unlike the full overlay design, a partial overlay means that the facing on wall and base cabinets is visible in between the doors and drawers. This style is more appropriate for traditional and country kitchen designs.

A kitchen design expert at your local store can help you create a custom cabinetry look that will give you the kitchen makeover of your dreams.