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Sick of Staring at an Old Ugly Kitchen? Change It With a Small Budget

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If your home needs a serious kitchen renovation and you are stressed out about the budget, there are low cost items that will make your kitchen look modern. You don't have to spend money on the most high end materials for the house to look great or to have a kitchen that improves the value of your home.

The main things you'll want to replace in the space are the flooring, cabinets and the countertops in the home. Here are a few things you want to think about and get prices for before you start the project.

In-Stock Cabinetry

Stock cabinetry is pre-made, designed and ready to install. You can buy it without any stain and apply the stain yourself, or some retailers have a few different stains to choose from. This cabinetry is cheaper because there isn't trim or fine details; it's made from a cheaper wood, usually pine; and homeowners can often do the installation on their own. There are many great options to pick from and it's still going to greatly improve the look of your kitchen, even if the cabinets aren't top of the line.

Solid Surface Countertops

Spending the money on granite or marble may not be in your budget, but solid surface countertops that look like stone are more affordable. They are long lasting and come in a variety of color options, and you can get decorative edges to create a customized look. The solid surface is going to look much better than other vinyl countertop options that can flake and crack. If you're thinking of investing in new countertops, consider contacting local specialists, such as Plastic Line Mfg Inc., to discuss any questions or concerns.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile Floors

Ceramic and porcelain tile give a sleek and modern look in neutral shades. The flooring is easy to install and clean, and you can purchase the tiles for a fraction of the cost of real hardwood. If the floors get damaged, you can replace one single tile, opposed to needing to repair the entire area.

The kitchen is an area of the house that you have to use several times a day, make sure that you love your kitchen every time you walk in it. You don't have to live with an old, ugly, and outdated kitchen if you don't want to, even if you don't have the money for the top of the line stone countertops or cherry cabinets. Instead, use these great low cost materials an watch your dream kitchen come to life.