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5 Easy Ways To Incorporate Antique Decor Into Your Bathroom

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Antiques lend a beautiful and timeless elegance to any room. But when most people think about using antiques in their decor, they think about main rooms like the living room or master bedroom. Your bathroom, though, can be the perfect destination for countless antique items. Want some ideas? Here are five of the best places to start.

1. Vanity. One of the largest furnishings in any bathroom is usually the vanity with the sink. Did you know that you can turn an antique dresser, vanity stand, or table into your bathroom vanity? It will require cutting holes for the sink plumbing, so choose a gorgeous period piece that may be a little worse for wear so that you don't have to worry about the permanent alterations. 

2. End Table. Small tables are endlessly useful, particularly in smaller rooms that may not have a lot of built-in surfaces or storage. If you need more storage spots, look for an end table, sideboard, or nightstand with two or more levels in which to place goods. Depending on what's missing in the bathroom, an end table is perfect to place spa items near a large bathtub or to provide additional workspace near a vanity. 

3. Lamps. A vintage lamp has a two-for-one benefit in the bathroom. First, it provides needed light that generally helps open up a room and make it feel lighter and larger. But it also provides a statement antique element. In larger bathrooms, look for antique floor or table lamps to place away from the water fixtures. In a smaller room, consider a salvaged or eclectic pendant lamp. 

4. Mirrors. Antique mirrors are an easy way to incorporate vintage elements anywhere in the room. While the most common place to install an antique mirror is over the vanity or sink, you can also use them as wall art where something is missing. 

5. Cabinetry. Do you have a medicine cabinet or built-in storage area in the bathroom? Then you have a ready-made location for antique cabinet doors. Remove the existing modern door and locate a similarly-sized antique version. You might have to do a little DIY adjusting of the hinges, but the result will be a quick and easy decor addition. 

If you can add even one of these antique furnishings to your bathroom, you'll surely have the inspiration to work more vintage pieces into the space. And you'll soon have a bathroom that is both elegant and enjoyable. 

To learn more, contact an antique decor shop.